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Rekordbox Releases Android Version of Mobile App

Editorial Team | April 1, 2021

Android users, we’ve got good news. Pioneer DJ announced today that rekordbox’s mobile app has now been extended from solely-iOS users.

Free app includes improved layout, advanced features, and support for Cloud Library Sync

AlphaTheta Corporation has today released a brand-new Android version of the free DJ app rekordbox from its Pioneer DJ brand. With an improved user interface that mirrors the layout of the PC/Mac version of the professional DJ platform, plus a host of handy new features, rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) makes it quick and easy to prepare music for performances.

With so much music available from so many different sources – including streaming services, record pools, online stores, etc. – it’s essential for DJs to be able to quickly listen to new releases, pick tracks for their sets, and get files performance-ready. rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) makes life easier by giving you the freedom to preview music, hear how it will sound when mixed with other tracks in your library, create cue points, and transfer everything to your main rekordbox library so it’s ready for your next gig. You can do all of this one-handed via your phone, whether you’re at home, in the studio, or on the go.

rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) is available for free download, use it to prepare your music for performances, and manually sync tracks and data to your main rekordbox library via the same local network using Mobile Library Sync*1. And if you want to automatically synchronize your music across multiple devices via any network from any location, you can use Cloud Library Sync with a rekordbox Creative plan subscription and a Dropbox account*2. Find out more below.

Download rekordbox for Android from the Google Play Store now.

Key features

Cloud Library Sync

If you link your Dropbox account with rekordbox, you have the option to upload parts or all of your library to the cloud when you use the rekordbox Creative plan. Then, when you log into your Pioneer DJ account on another device, all your music and information is synchronized. You can use this feature to create backups of your library, or to prepare playlists, tracks, and metadata such as cue points, on your Android device when you’re on the go and automatically sync it all to your main computer at home or in your studio.

Mobile Library Sync

Even if you don’t have a rekordbox Creative plan subscription, you can still transfer music on your computer directly to your Android device, and vice versa, for free by connecting them both to the same network. If you then edit metadata such as cue points and playlists on your phone, the changes will be synced to the library on your computer when you reconnect both devices to a single network.

New GUI and features

rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) enables you to easily prepare for performances, even when viewing the app on a small screen. You can use all of the following features one-handed:

  • Playlist Box
    Reference the playlist/collection you’re browsing and keep an eye on the destination you’re sending tracks to, which appears at the bottom of the screen. With Playlist Box, you’ll always know where you’re moving tracks to and from.
  • Quick Cue
    Flick the Quick Cue button to the left to set a Memory Cue, flick it right to set a Hot Cue, and tap it to set Realtime Memory. There’s no need to switch screens.
  • Realtime Memory
    Set a Memory Cue point by tapping the Quick Cue button. You can do this when the track is playing and even during Auto Beat Loop. This saves the process of stopping the music and pressing cue, then Memory, so there’s no need to interrupt the groove.
  • Dual Control
    Check how a mix will sound further down the line. When you switch on Dual Control, all functions will be linked for both decks. So, with both tracks playing in sync, you can Beat Jump forward or swipe the waveforms and both tracks will advance by the same amount. This enables you to hear how the mix will develop without waiting for the tracks to play to that point.
  • Independent A/B Decks
    When both decks are displayed in Player mode, you can view Deck A or B on its own by swiping left (to see Deck A) or right (to see Deck B). You can then select a new track or adjust any of the cue or grid settings for that deck only. Swipe again and you’ll switch back to viewing both decks.

Expanded features similar to Export mode

Preparing for performances with rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) feels similar to using Export mode in the latest version of rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6.5.1). Use Beat Jump and Manual Loop, edit track and My Tag information, and find suitable tracks to play next with the Matching feature. You can play more file types too, including WAV, FLAC, and ALAC, as well as MP3 and AAC files.

*1 It’s not possible to sync rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) with rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 5) or earlier versions via any connection type, including Mobile Library Sync and Cloud Library Sync.
*2 To use Cloud Library Sync via the rekordbox Creative plan, you’ll need a Dropbox account. The Dropbox Basic account gives you 2GB of storage for free. To use more space, you can upgrade to a paid Dropbox account.

rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) specifications
Supported operating systems Android OS 9, 10, 11

Written by Editorial Team

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