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Dj Life

Uncovering the sources of music for DJs: A in-depth guide to digital music discovery and preparation for club performances in 2023

Thanasis | January 13, 2023

In 2023, DJs have more options than ever before to discover and acquire new music for their performances. Some DJs purchase tracks from online music stores such as Beatport, while others have access to private collections. Additionally, many DJs also produce their own music, which they play in their sets […]

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Best studio headphones 2021

Thanasis | December 8, 2021

When monitoring your latest mixes or recording in the studio, a pair of the best studio headphones, in our opinion, is a must have. Any music producer worth their salt will tell you that they monitor using as many different systems as they can lay their hands on: a pair […]

Dj Life

Beatport Launches New Web-Based DJ App, Beatport DJ

Thanasis | April 1, 2021

Beatport looks to change the DJ landscape once again announcing the launch of their first-ever web-based app, Beatport DJ, for LINK subscribers. Beatport’s new web app is the ultimate tool for set preparation and music discovery for DJs, giving our LINK community incredible control over their music with the ability to browse and […]

Dj Life

Rekordbox Releases Android Version of Mobile App

Thanasis | April 1, 2021

Android users, we’ve got good news. Pioneer DJ announced today that rekordbox’s mobile app has now been extended from solely-iOS users. Free app includes improved layout, advanced features, and support for Cloud Library Sync AlphaTheta Corporation has today released a brand-new Android version of the free DJ app rekordbox from […]

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Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Vs Denon DJ Prime 4

Thanasis | March 5, 2021

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Vs Denon DJ Prime 4 It’s time to compare Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ to its counterpart from Denon DJ, the Prime 4. Both are extremely complete DJ systems that will fulfill if not all, most of the needs of any professional DJ. Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ IN SHORT The […]

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The History of The DJ

Thanasis | December 26, 2020

I know this might seem like a stretch, but I am going to call Thomas Edison the first DJ ever. He certainly didn’t rock parties like the DJs we know today, but it is safe to say that his invention of the phonographic cylinder paved the way for future Disk […]

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Get Your Dance Music Playing Now!

Thanasis | November 10, 2020

In whatever area you will want to make yourself wealthy and famed, you need to embody the enthusiasm and patience, the courage and gumption to succeed spectacularly. Or else, you’ll never grow out of being a dreamer. And with the aggressive rivalry in the dance music business today, your ambition […]

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